OSU Mathematics Seminars and Colloquia
Fri, Sep 13, 2019
Graduate Student Seminar
3:30 PM
MSCS 514
The Learning Paradox, A Possible Solution, and Another Questionable Topic
Josiah Ireland, Oklahoma State University
[Abstract] [PDF]
Abstract: This talk is divided into two sections: a theoretical part and a practical part. In the first part of the talk, I will identify the learning paradox, and discuss how reflective abstraction might provide a solution. After articulating this, I will launch into the second half of the talk, entertaining a practical discussion pertaining to questions that we, as instructors, ask in the classroom. Specifically, I will identify various types of questions that we might ask and provide potential implications, referencing a study done by Teo Paoletti. Finally, I will discuss different techniques that we can use in the classroom which might help foster discussion in classes where students seem unresponsive.
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