OSU Mathematics Seminars and Colloquia
Mon, Apr 03, 2023
Graduate Student Seminar
4:30 PM
MSCS 514
Spectral Asymptotics of Dirac Operators on a Stationary Spacetime
Onirban Islam, Ph.D., Institut für Mathematik, Universität Potsdam
Host: Siddiqur Rahman, OSU
This is a Zoom talk. The host will send a link a couple of hours before the talk.
[Abstract] [PDF]
Abstract: In the traditional setting, spectral asymptotics explores the interplay between the spectral data of geometric differential operators and the underlying Riemannian geometry. In this talk, a general relativistic generalization of this notion will be presented. In particular, I shall show the Weyl asymptotic on the manifold of lightlike geodesics by generalizing the Duistermaat-Guillemin-Gutzwiller trace formula for Dirac-type operators on a globally hyperbolic spatially compact spacetime.
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