This is the website for the members of the Department of Mathematics and contains information about the operations of the department: committees, policy documents, etc. Most documents are only available to those with accounts. For the public website of the Mathematics Department go to

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Mathematics Intranet: Materials and Capabilities

This website was reorganized and the underlying software upgraded during the first few months of 2016. Some new features and capabilities are

  • Each departmental committee can store working versions of documents which are only accessible to members of the committee for viewing and editing.
  • Any member of the department can form a mathgroup which can have documents, forums, etc., accessible only to members of the mathgroup. This structure could be used for a research working group, a study group of graduate students, etc.
  • Mathjax is enabled so that materials may contain displayed mathematical expressions.
  • A member of the department may start a forum to discuss some topic. Forums can be restricted to a group or open.
  • A member of the department can start a blog. The blog can be public or restricted.
  • A group of pages can be organized into a hierarchical structure called a book. The User Guide is such a book.
  • A member can create a simple webpage.

Materials from the old mathematics department website (2008-2013) are located here. Some examples are

  • Syllabi from mathematics courses from 2010-2014
  • Departmental documents such as personnel documents and committee compositions starting in 2009,
  • The informational pages from 2013 about the graduate and undergraduate programs, high school math contest, etc.
  • Research interests of faculty.

As with the previous website this site is what the members make of it by adding content. See the User Guide for information about adding content and using the other capabilities. 


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