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List of all faculty

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Last Namesort descending First name Rank Phone (Area 405) Office Email
Adolphson Alan Emeritus 744-5688 alan.adolphson
Aichele Douglas B. Emeritus 744-5688 doug.aichele
Alspach Dale Emeritus 744-5784 MS 529 dale.alspach
Asgari Mahdi Associate Professor 744-6718 MS 525 mahdi.asgari
Barchini Leticia Full Professor 744-5771 MS 502C leticia.barchini
Binegar Birne Full Professor 744-5793 MS 430 birne.binegar
Brown Lee Ann Clinical Instructor 744-1807 MS 516 brownl
Brunson Dana Adjunct Faculty 744-4455 MS 106 dana.brunson
Burchard Hermann Emeritus 744-5688 MS 411 hermann.burchard
Choike James Emeritus 744-5688 jr.choike
Cook John (Paul) Assistant Professor 744-5773 MS 406 cookjp
Crauder Bruce Full Professor 744-7778/5666 MS 522/LSE 201 bruce.crauder
DiPasquale Michael Visiting Assistant Professor 744-5541 MS 420 mdipasq
Dorko Allison Assistant Professor
Dosev Detelin Visiting Assistant Professor 744-5787 MS 528 dosev
Eisenberg Andrew Visiting Assistant Professor 744-8240 MS 524 andy.eisenberg
Evans Benny Emeritus 744-5789 MS 522 benny.evans
Fili Paul Assistant Professor 744-1804 MS 532 paul.fili
Francisco Christopher Associate Professor 744-5774 MS 407 chris.francisco
Gallagher Anne-Katrin Assistant Professor anne-katrin.herbig
Ghosh Amit Full Professor 744-5795 MS 519A ghosh.ghosh
Hoffman Neil Assistant Professor 744-7791 MS 523 neil.r.hoffman
Hu Weiwei Assistant Professor
Jaco William Full Professor 744-6293/ -8225 MS 502 B /MS 402 william.jaco
Ju Ning Associate Professor 744-5691 MS 434 ning.ju
Kable Anthony Full Professor 744-7766 MS 521 anthony.kable
Keener Marvin Emeritus 744-5778 MS 411 marvin.keener
Ku JaEun Associate Professor 744-5694 MS 437 jku
Lebl Jiri Assistant Professor 744-7750 MS 505 lebl
Li Weiping Full Professor 744-5852 MS 526
Mantini Lisa Full Professor 744-5777 MS 410 lisa.mantini
Martin Jason Visiting Assistant Professor 744-1800 MS 511 jason.h.martin
Mermin Jeffrey Associate Professor 744-5781 414 MS mermin
Mills Melissa Clinical Instructor 744-1689 MS 517 melissa.mills
Moss Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor 744-4952 MS 506 gil.moss
Myers Robert Full Professor 744-5792 MS 429 robert.myers
Noell Alan Full Professor 744-5772 MS 404 alan.noell
Oehrtman Michael Associate Professor 744-5790 MS 426 michael.oehrtman
Pritsker Igor Full Professor 744-8220 MS 519C igor.pritsker
Ramachandran Koushik Visiting Assistant Professor 744-1803 MS 531 koushik.ramachandran
Richmond Edward Assistant Professor 744-5791 MS 427 edward.richmond
Rusin Walter Assistant Professor 744-5847 MS 530 walter.rusin
Schweig Jay Assistant Professor 744-5690 MS 433 jay.schweig
Segerman Henry Associate Professor 744-7746 MS 504 henry.segerman
Tallman Michael Visiting Assistant Professor 744-5479 MS 417 michael.tallman
Tree Donna (Rae) Clinical Instructor 744-1806 MS 515 rae.tree
Ullrich David Full Professor 744-5782 MS 415 david.ullrich
Utley Juliana Associate Professor 744-7476 WLLD 325D juliana.utley
Wang Yanqiu Associate Professor 744-5698 MS 441
Wang Xiao-Jun Visiting Assistant Professor 744-7791 MS 523
Wright David Full Professor 744-5775 MS 527 david.wright
Wu Jiahong Full Professor 744-5788 MS 424 jiahong.wu
Yang Zhao Visiting Assistant Professor 744-4953 MS 507
Zierau Roger Full Professor 744-6296 MS 502A roger.zierau

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