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Promotions Approved June 20, 2008

Birne Binegar and Jiahong Wu were promoted to the rank of full professor at the June meeting of the OSU Regents. Professor Binegar has research interests in representation theory and, in particular, in using computer algebra systems to discover and establish new results in the field. Professor Wu is interested in the solution of partial differential equations that model fluid flow, weather phenomena and other physical systems. One of the most famous equations that he studies is the Navier-Stokes equation for fluids.

Professor William Jaco was named Regents Professor at the same meeting. This honor is awarded to faculty members with outstanding research records. Professor Jaco studies the topology of three-manifolds. In addition to his many research accomplishments Professor Jaco is a fellow of the AAAS, is a former executive director of the AMS and is the Grayce B. Kerr Professor of Mathematics.


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